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Natus (Otometrics) vHIT


I purchased the Natus Otometrics vHIT in 2018 and have used it on a handful of patients. I am now selling it in mint condition with extra supplies. It is the unit with ALL the modules on it except Caloric and Torsional. Cost for a new one is about $33,000 CDN, selling for $15,000 CDN.


The Natus (Otometrics) vHIT includes:

- laptop

- impulse v3.0 LARP/RALP module

- impulse v3.0 Lateral vHIT module

- Impulse v3.0 USB (Frenz)

- Impulse v3.0 Ocular Module

- Impulse v3.0 Positional Module 

- additional modules you can get from Natus are torsional  ~$6,000.00 CDN and caloric  ~$7,000.00 CDN

More information at the Natus website

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