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Path Sentiero Advanced

sentiero advanced

I am selling a barely used 2018 Path Sentiero Advanced. Available modules are ABR, ASSR, EABR, ECOCHG, OAE, AIR AND BONE & SPEECH AUDIOMETRY, TYMPANOMETRY IN ONE DEVICE. This one has ABR and OAE with screening options for both, very pediatric and busy adult clinic friendly. Easy to use. Portable. Fast.  New around $30,000 CDN, selling for $15,000 CDN or best offer. 

The Path Sentiero Advanced includes: 

- Path Sentiero Advaced TS HDA280, ABR CBL, USB

- binaural abr diagnostics

- ASSR 4 freq sim 80 Hz


- high res DPOAE

- diagnostic DPOAE

- threshold estimation DPOAE

- FMDPOAE multi channel stim 

- FFC Low/Mid/High freqency chirp stim with tone burst

- Bone Conductor for Sentiero Advanced

More information at the Path website

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