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Bio | Markus Hilbert, AuD



Certified by SAC, CSHBC, ACSLPA

Certified in Cerumen Management – CSHBC

Certified in Vestibular Assessment and Management – CSHBC and the American Institute of Balance

Certified in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy – TRTA

Phonak ROGER Certified

Widex ZEN Certified

Certified in US Military Evaluations - VES

I have been involved in the hearing care industry since 1995 including manufacturing, private and public health, direct patient care and clinic management, business development, consulting, online and technology initiatives, and university instruction. Coupled with ongoing self-development and education, this convergence of education, expertise and experience provides a significant opportunity for any audiology organization, private or chain, to engage.   I dedicate my experience, education and expertise to improve the bottom line for all hearing health stakeholders - consumer/patient, provider, supplier. By connecting all interests, I improve sales, market share and buy-in, clinical support, customer service, practice management, technology applications, project management, and operational efficiencies. My role as an advocate and essentialist is to inspire and motivate people with a fresh perspective to problem-solve and innovate through efficient, understandable, evidence-based solutions to refine how we do what we do with emphasis on consumer and health advocacy, people motivation, system improvements, trend setting, and differentiation with a proven track record for concept-to-implementation follow-through.

I am open to speaking engagements with topical subjects including practice management, patient care protocols, sales methodology, customer service systems, excellence in standards of practice, practice growth, tinnitus management and business implications, clinic marketing and development, the unbundled diagnostic model, and blue-sea differentiation. Here are some examples of past publications and presentations. 

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