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Coaching | Markus Hilbert, AuD


Coaching is a broad term for addressing areas of strength and weakness and bringing consensus and alignment to principles and strategies with a common goal of individual and corporate success. Dr. Hilbert does this in a variety of ways for a variety of audiences including sales, service and clinical staff. Sales coaching helps improve sales, conversion rates, amplification adoption, and reduces returns. Service coaching helps the support staff convert patients and differentiate you from the patient’s first contact with you so that by the time they see the clinician they are essentially sold on the idea of treatment. Clinical coaching introduces testing and treatment tools to differentiate you, improve structure and content of reporting to primary care providers as a marketing strategy, and provides resources and services to implement ways to help your patients more than your competition.  Word will get around and you will have an increase in calls and appointments.  Do you have a clinic that is under-performing? Let’s turn it around!

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