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Ossicle is not a one-man show. With a team of contributors in legal, financial and clinical sectors as well as organizations who specialize in specific needs, Ossicle will serve as a liaison to fix your issue, be a catalyst for your change and provide you with the best solution for your needs – and wants. Let’s collaborate and work together. Here are some recommended partners Ossicle vouches for.

Rank it search engine optimization logo
Custom Search Engine Optimization to increase your visibility online.
The Audiology Project Logo
Promoting the Audiology based medical management of chronic diseases
Pacific Audiology Group Logo
Online Continuing Education in Hearing Care.
Zoolstra Marketing Logo
The Most Ruthlessly Effective Marketing System Created For Audiology Clinics.
After years of the frustrations of our marketplace and the bureaucratic decisions affecting our livelihoods, a few of us got together in 2016 and formed HBA.