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About Us

artistic rendering of a profile of a head with a man pointing to his ear

Markus’ Story

Markus worked in many different environments. Clinically he worked in public health and private practice, for other owners, chains and himself. He provided remote audiology services to outlying communities, including setting up clinics in Malawi and India. Being ahead of the curve is a trademark of his approach to providing cutting-edge services rooted in proven strategies and evidence-based approaches. He was able to continue cashflow during the covid shut-downs, grow practices and systemize companies. A passion is to serve the independent clinician and that’s why many of the services offered are about getting clinicians set up for themselves rather than for large chains and corporate overlords.

Markus’ Heart

Ossicle is “Relevant, Reimagined, & Resilient”

Markus has always put values first and consistency with values is arguably the most important hallmark of a successful operation of any size. The deeper the roots the stronger the tree can grow and withstand adversity.

This is Resilience. Service categories are reimagined. All of what Markus does is relevant.

Markus’ Credentials

Since the late 1990s, Markus has started and contributed to many industry initiatives including governmental committee work, licensing body participation, public health, private clinics, all populations, and is certified in many areas and licensed in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Florida USA. Member of SAC, CAA, AAA, ABA and provincial/state Boards, he also holds certification in Roger, Zen, VES (US Military), TRT and AiB.

Dr. Markus Hilbert, BA, MS, Au.D., RAUD, RHIP, AiB-VAM
Doctor of Audiology
Canadian Doctor of Audiology in Kelowna BC
Certified in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan and Florida USA
Certified by the American Board of Audiology
International Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology
Certified in Cerumen Management – CSHBC
Certified in Vestibular Assessment and Management – CSHBC and the American Institute of Balance
Certified in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy – TRTA
Phonak ROGER Certified
Widex ZEN Certified
Certified in US Military Evaluations – VES

Super Efficient

Markus is a get-it-done fixer who is a systemized, no-nonsense, to-the-point solutions-finder. This combination means super efficiency for you.

Deeply Committed

Markus promises you fiduciary duty to put your needs, interest and benefit first. There are no hidden agendas, covert interests or hold-backs. This is about you and your success to which Markus is deeply committed.

Highly Skilled

Markus has a BA from the U of A, a MSc from PSU and a AuD from Salus. With more than 25 years of experience, he knows what will make you grow, or not. The passion to support you is there, the skill, knowledge, expertise and experience is there to lean on so put this highly skilled machine to work for you.