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Clinical Buddy

Some patients present with more difficult and complex needs when fitting hearing aids. Traditionally, termed “difficult-to-fit”, they may have been in amplification for decades, present with reduced dynamic ranges or just have difficulty adapting. One of the many services I provide is remote fittings by logging into your system and screen sharing, I will co-fit or just do the fitting with or for you respecting licensing and provincial requirements. I will show you on a demo that’s not live to start! 

I can securely remote in to your clinical computer, perform tests if you’re using digital audiometers and/or conduct patient consults with your clinician, debrief clinicians prior to them seeing the patient, being as involved or not as you require. Services include on-screen fittings with you and the patient connected to your NOAH module, consultations about Roger/FM/DM for personal or educational use, and any other issues you want resolved.