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Below are some of the services Markus provides, but you can customize the scope of work, goals, objectives, timelines and even just have Ossicle on retainer for immediate action. Check out what is pre-packaged or create your own!

Strategic Consulting Services

Let’s take an inventory, find out what’s working, what’s not and where you want to be and create that executable, measurable and scheduled plan to get there.

Turn-key Services

Want to just get set up and ready to roll? Whether new Greenfields or an expansion, we have you covered in all areas, just walk in and get started

Corporate Escape

Why make all the money for someone else that micromanages you? Break free and experience some independence!

HR ANONymous

Want to make a change but don’t want to cause any waves? We’ll be your covert head hunter to find you a better position or get you out on your own.

Turnaround Service

If your business is struggling and you think acquisitions is the only solution, think again! Let’s turn things around together.

Coaching and Training Services

Sometimes getting everyone on the same page is what you need to move forward. With extensive training background, Markus will use an inclusive approach to coaching that is affiliative, transformational and visionary.

Clinical Buddy

Do you have a difficult to fit patient? Whether a one-of or a regular partnership, Markus will log into your computer and assist in testing, fitting and counselling your patient remotely.

Be Different

So many clinics are run the same way, offer the same things, and make the same promises. Remember Apple’s “Think Different”? Well, here’s your chance to shine!

Toolkit Tool Design

Everyone creates handouts on the fly. We have communication tools that are memorable, easy to understand and effective at increasing sales and patient retention.

Process Improvement

Operations are dry but we can give life to the systems that make your business tick. If there are inefficiencies, or you want new processes implemented or just manage change, let us partner with you for optimized results.

Events and Presentations

Want to have someone to speak on your behalf, organize and/or execute an event? We have presentations, create new ones for your specific audience, give the presentations, and are speakers for B2B and B2C participants.

Acquisitions Support

Whether you’re just curious about acquiring another clinic, or selling your own, we have input you may find very helpful. We can help during the initial brainstorm, post-NDA negotiations and structuring earn outs that are in your, not their, best interest.

Forensic and Legal Audiology Services

Legal opinions, veteran claim reporting and other third party audiology services allow you to expand your offering without the headache of figuring it all out. Reporting support with Pizzazz!

Seal of Excellence

Ever notice how everyone makes claims to be the best provider, have best practices and best service? Ossicle believes that we can define “best” and encourage customers to trust a brand that says excellence lives here, vetted by a third party, relevant and meaningful rather than getting bland marketing promises everyone else has.

Change Management

Growing fast or slowing down? Whatever change your organization is going through, getting everyone on board, planning with a timeline, communicating rationales for change and short term pain for long term gain is all part of change management.

More Than CRM Clinic Software

It’s an operating system. It makes things efficient and easy so you can focus on patient care. It incorporates what Blueprint, Simply Hearing and other systems simply cannot do. See for yourself and be amazed.

Custom Solution

Your challenge or issue may not fit easily into any of the above packages. A little bit of this and a little bit of that may be needed to find that custom solution for you to create amazing results that resonate with you and your organization, you and your challenge. At Ossicle, Markus fixes problems whatever they are and will find the solution for you himself or with the help of a team of vetted business professionals including accountants, lawyers, designers, search engine optimizers, and many more. Being connected and knowing your stuff is what sets Markus and Ossicle apart. Let’s do this!